Some interesting links

So I found some interesting links on software development programming:

How to recognize a good programmer

Confessions of a terrible programmer

The first one is fairly interesting. I agree with most of his points and I think drive is a good indicator but maligning people who don't code in their spare time and people who learned it in school is not accurate. Some folks just code during the day and don't want to code when they get home. It doesn't mean they're not good programmers. However people who don't want to learn new stuff while not bad coders are doomed to work on the same ol thing forever. Maybe some folks like that but it's not for me.

The second one should be required reading for all coders. It's very zen but you have to realize you know nothing before you can learn anything. It offers a lot of very good advice on how to become a better coder. The first step is to realize you're a bad coder to begin with.


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