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Why I hate OSS

Ok if you don't know I'm a programmer. I work in .NET mostly doing in C# and some stuff. My company has this project where we need some rich text capability in a web browser. So we look around and decide on the Free Text Box . We download the code, it inserts into the project with little work, and works great out of the box. A bit later on we need to make some changes to it. Turns out we need to remove problem html out of the text of the box before it saves to the DB. Try the standard javascript tricks document.getclientid sutff, no go. Google some answers and try the results, no go. I spend a ton of time pouring over the properties, yada yada yada and nothing. Finally I find one property that might, might do the trick. I then spend time changing all the controls in the project to use this property correctly. Typical OSS shit, no documentation from the creators, online help says RTFM n00b!!, well there is no manual dickhead. At least when I buy somet

My first real blog

Ok, I have to admit I'm a slashdot addict. I must go over it a few times a day. I read about blogger being updated and oh yeah I have a blog there. A few minutes later and a forgotten password and I was in. I don't write a lot but when I get the urge it pours out in spouts and then dries up. Look at my journal on slashdot under jlechem, I go a while with nothing then BAM tons to write about. I guess I should talk about me a little bit, I live in Utah, work for a DoD contractor doing .net programming, no kids, 1 dog, 1 wife (insert polygamy joke here), vote democrat, and am your typical white American male. As time progresses I'm sure I will write more and more interesting things.