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Firefox 2 RC 3

Ok firefox has put out another RC for their kickass browser. They're starting to look like Microsoft here. You can download it directly here: RC 3 I am installing it now and will see how it looks throughout the day.

Props to this dude

Ok I work in C# visual studio 2005 A LOT. For a while I have been wanting a nice right click context menu to turn a member variable into a nice property. I tried creating my own but I'm too stupid/lazy to figure it out. I gave up but found this handy tool today! Go dude! I don't know the guy but he rocks. This thing will be very handy indeed.

Firefox update

Ok after using the new RC1 for firefox it is getting the thumbs up from me. Tabs are better, searching is better, the add-in search is better. Everything is now better. Most of the mainstream extensions also work. I am using Script block, AdSense, IETab, and a few others with no issues. As mentioned before it sucked in all my bookmarks from my beta 2 install. However it did not suck in stuff from my 1.5 install. That will probably be fixed in the future. My only real issue is the themes aren't up to date with the 2.0 versions. Most of the really cool themse stop at the 1.6 version. This leaves few choices for themes. I don't use a lot them anyway so it's not a big deal to me. But some may find it irritating.