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Upgrades Upgrades Upgrades

So I attended the VS 2008 launch yesterday in downtown SLC. Not a bad event. It gave me the excuse to ride the new frontrunner train down from Farmington. They showed off some pretty cool stuff. I was impressed with the WCF and LINQ stuff. He showed a small demo that got data from the database and using AJAX was able to dynamically send/store data in about 10 minutes. I think the best thing was they gave out Windows Vista Ultimate and VS 2008 for free. I finally installed Vista on my home machine last night. It was god awful slow, it took 3 hours for the copy to take over on an XP upgrade. I'm still not entirely used to it but it seems to be working well. The new UI interface is slick but performance might be an issue. I haven't tested any of my dev tools but we'll see how they go. And speaking of upgrades FF 3.0 RC1 is out. I'm posting from it right now. We'll see how the memory whoring goes. Overall it's improved quite a bit from 2.0 and even e