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Task bar shuffle

I've always hated I couldn't move programs around in the taskbar. Well some dude has come up with the answer! Praise Jebus! Clicky Clicky

Converting an ArrayList to a String[] Array

ArrayList fileArrayList = new ArrayList(); //Populate fileArrayList ... string[] files = fileArrayList.ToArray( typeof( string ) ) as string[]; I prefer the as command versus the old style boxing methods.

Format string array to character seperated list

Ok so I've been needing a way to take an array of strings and make a list of comma or whatever character and turn it into one big string of items. Today I finally found a quick and painless (to the coder, maybe not the compiler) solution.  string[] ids = {"2343","2344","2345"};  string idString = String.Join(",",ids);  Response.Write(idString); After this code you get one string with all the items in the array seperated by a comma. Of course just chaning the char in the String.Join methods gives you different results.