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Firefox 2 reaches RC 1

Firefox version 2 has hit RC 1 status. You can download the goodies here: Binary downloads I've been using the 2 beta for a while and have just installed the rc1 release. It doesn't overwrite the old beta version but does suck in all your saved bookmarks, passwords, etc. I will be playing with it over the course of the next few days to see how she runs!

NTidy and ASP.Net

So I'm working on this project. We need rich text formatting for our customers. You know since they like to copy and paste from Word and what not. During the course of testing I discover malformed HTML, especially DIV tags bombs the app by closing our div tags before they are supposed to. So we decide we need to either prevent certain HTML or clean it before it gets saved to the DB. After some looking I find NTidy, a .net wrapper around Tidy a C/C++ HTML cleaner. You can download it from SourceForger here: NTidy on SourceForge I insert the dll into my project and get it running on my machine. Of course since its OSS no documentation( see my post below ) but I get it running. Soon we have clean valid HTML and no more malformations. But today, disaster strikes, the production server hosting this bombs on our new build. It says it can't find needed assemblies for the damn NTidy dll. Enter google (how I love thee so), after a few hours I find an obscure