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Ghost Doc Visual Studio XML documentation tool

There is a nifty little tool called ghost doc for VS that can auto generate the XML documentation used in VS. It rocks and I use it all the time. If you don't have it you should download it here . It works in VS 03, 05, and 08. After installing it you can simply right click a methods and select document this or for the keyboard power users use a keyboard shortcut you can define to auto document.

The best programming cartoon ever

This little cartoon explains software engineering in the best way I've ever seen.


Now I'm not one to usually pontificate on pure CS topics I'm usually very specific in applications of .net related things. You know getting a grid/control/etc to do a certain thing. However in my programming duties lately I've found myself applying old fashioned hardcore CS concepts a lot. Which to my mind is a good thing. The most exciting or boring as you see it is recursion. For some reason I've been doing a lot of it lately. So it would be a good think for you programmers out there or would be programmers to brush up on it a bit. So click the following link for some good examples in C# Click the google link