Kendo UI grid update row using Javascript/jQuery

I've been working on a project that utilizes the Telerik Kendo UI grid. I've found that I have a need to change the values in the current row using client side tech (Javascript/jQuery). It's actually pretty easy to do. You get the grid, then the model bound to the grid and change the values on the model. This will refresh the values in the grid on the client side. You can save these new values in the Update controller action you define in the grid.

 // get the grid and model used to bind against the grid  
 var grid = $("#AdminFalloutMappingGrid").data("kendoGrid"),  
    model = grid.dataItem(this.element.closest("tr"));  
 // get a value from the model, using the property name on the model  
 var something = model.get("PropertyName");  
  // update the model using the Property Name  
 model.set("PropertyName", "value");  


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