First post of the new year

Happy new year to everyone! I hope this year brings everyone great health, wealth, and the best possible in everything you strive towards. Normally I post a lot of code to this blog but sometimes I have interesting non code info I like to share. Today is one of those posts. I read a lot of code sites and decided to share the ones I love to read the most with you.

The Old New Thing

This is my favorite blog an d is run by Raymond Chan of Microsoft. He has a lot of really interesting posts about programming, technology, science, and some great insights into Microsoft and why certain things are the way they are. It's not all code all the time but it's fun to read.

Joel on Software

Joel on Software, another excellent blog that I think focuses more on the high level aspects of programming and less on the low level in the weeds day to day programming kind of tasks. Still tons of cool and great info to read.

Coding Horror

Coding Horror I think is more a general programming blog with lots of interesting posts and howtos.


Yes MSDN, while it did suck in the past it has improved greatly over the years and I find myself turning to it more and more to find technical details. Tons of articles, videos, blogs, etc.

Stack Overflow

Stackoverflow was created by the guys over at coding horror and is a great place to look for answers to programming questions in just about any language.


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