Visual Studio Tips & Tricks - Part Three Keyboard Shortcuts

Visual Studio has a keyboard command for just about everything. Many coders find having to move their hand away from their keyboard to their mouse slows them down. I agree and always look for a quick way to do something via the keyboard since I'm typing most of the time anyway. Let's start with the complete list from Microsoft.

Visual C# 2008 Bindings

Visual C# 2005 Bindings

Visual Basic 2008 Bindings

Visual Basic 2005 Bindings

A few of my favorites are:

* Ctrl-Shift-B: Build Solution (I'm an old VC coder so mine is set to F7)
* Ctrl-. (period): Show "Add Using/Imports" dropdown for unknown types.
* Ctrl-K, C: Comment Selection
* Ctrl-K, U: Uncomment Selection
* Ctrl-K, F: Format Section
* Ctrl-K, D: Format Document
* Ctrl-Space: Show Intellisense List
* Ctrl-Shift-V: Paste Loop - Hit Multiple Times to paste through the list of recent 'copies'
* Ctrl-F: Simple Find
* Ctrl-Shift-F: Find in Files
* Ctrl-H: Simple Replace
* Ctrl-Shift-H: Replace in Files
* Ctrl-N: New->Project Item
* Ctrl-Shift-N; New Project
* F9: Set Breakpoint
* Ctrl-Shift-R: Start/End Temporary Macro Recording
* Ctrl-Shift-P: Play Temporary Macro Recording
* F12; Navigate to Type (or metadata for Type) under the cursor

Please share some of your own in the comments, the more the merrier!


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