Sql Server Reporting Services export to PDF in Landscape

So I have found a need to create ssrs reports in pdf format. Some of these reports contain a lot of data. So I needed to layout the page in landscape format. Sadly there is no page layout settings in srrs (once again Crystal wins but that is another story). So to achieve the same thing you will need to change the settings of the page. Open the properties of the report and set the width=29cm and height=21cm. These are the settings for landscape. Now you have a lot of extra room to move things around. I also found to maximize the report you can get the width of the report to about 22.86cm.

So to summarize
width=29cm (11.41")
height=21cm (8.27")
report data=27.30cm (10.75")


Unknown said…
Just what I was looking for. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Looking forward to trying this. I'm a geek to and NO APOLOGIES! God bless you!

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