C# send email with .net framework

So I have come across a need to send some email via the .net framework to report status to a disto list we have for a product we support. The following code below shows the basics of sending a simple text email with 1 attachment. The values being assigned to the message are parameters coming from a function. You can assign any string value you want to them. All this can be found in the using System.Net.Mail namespace.

// build the mail message
MailMessage mailMessage = new MailMessage();

mailMessage.From = new MailAddress( From );

// this can be one at a time, or a , delimited list
foreach( string toAddress in ToAddresses )
mailMessage.To.Add( new MailAddress( toAddress ) );
}//end try
catch( Exception )
// do something with your error
}//end catch
}//end foreach

mailMessage.Subject = SubjectLine;

mailMessage.Body = Body;

// add the attachment
mailMessage.Attachments.Add( new Attachment( AttachmentLocation ) );

// send the message via the smtp server
SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient( SMTP, port );
client.Send( mailMessage );


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