JSP/Servlets vs ASP.NET

So if anyone reads this blog they know I write a lot of C# code. My work is currently looking at grabbing a new project using JSP/Servlets on Oracle rather then ASP.NET on SQL Server. I have no issue with the oracle, I hate SQL Server and think it's a kids toy compared to oracle. However I haven't written much java but from what I've read it seams pretty easy to write JSP/servlets. There seems to be a speed debate over the two so here are my two cents. ASP.NET I feel is not scalable. The project I'm working on takes 5000 users concurrently on a regular basis and it gets hammered on performance. We've looked and looked and the way microsoft suggests you do things works great for small projects with low users. But for enterprise level stuff asp.net has to be done in a radically different manner. So while you can get a web page up and running pronto it can't scale worth shit. We are currently struggling to implement these kinds of changes. Java on the other hand takes more time to implement because it forces a more scalable architecture on you. So while you have more upfront design time in the long run it pays off. Also we've found adding hardware doesn't make asp.net really run any faster. However adding hardware to a java solution can easily increase performance. So while it's going to difficult I am looking forward to learning more JSP/Servlet stuff.


Anonymous said…
I'll like to know how your JSP/Servlet learning is going...

if you can point me to some good resources I'll appreciate it(info [at] technovator [dot] com)
Asche said…
if your project is very slow with 500 clients , its not a fault of asp.net , is a fault of how is programmed.
If you use in a good way asp.net (using cache, ignoring viewstate, etc) is very fast and scalable.

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