Microsoft LINQ

Ok so I'm working on a fairly large ASP.NET project for the federalies (I really can't say which agency). Right now we're pumping data to the app using datasets and saving with direct SP calls. This was fine when the app was in it's infancy. But we're rapidly hitting large scale volumes of users and this approach is limiting us in scope and scalability. Most people suggest going a pure OOD route and turning result sets from your DB into .net classes. This has to be done via an O/R (object relation) mapper that can take a number of tables, rows, columns into the correct collection of classes. I looked into some 3rd party solutions and most people suggest NHibernate. However NHibernate doesn't work with 100% stored procs for data access. And guess what we use nothing but stored procs to get data to/from the DB. So that option goes down the chute. Low and behold I find some references to LINQ from MS. I do some reading and found it's pretty bad ass. I can specify the database, stored procs, and bam I can get a collection of classes directly instead of a bloated dataset. I didn't have to roll my own OR mapper and its from MS and is included in the VS 2008 release. Word to the mother...

Read more on how to use it here:

on the ASP.NET weblogs


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