C# execute a stored procedure using SQL Server

Below we have some code that opens a connection to a database using a connection string then executes a stored procedure. This obviously needs to be placed in some method or class. You will need to add your own connection string and parameter values.
         using( SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection("some connection string" ) )  
           using( SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand( "stored procedure name", connection ) )  
             command.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;  
             // this line needs to be added for every parameter the SP expects
             command.Parameters.AddWithValue( "parametere value", paramValue );    

             // based on the what the SP does, call the execute non query, execute scalar, or execute reader method

       catch( Exception ex )  
         Debug.WriteLine( ex.ToString() ); 


Anonymous said…
command.Parameters.AddWithValue( "@parametereName", paramValue );

its correct way....

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